The Works | Stupid Angel

The Works / Stupid Angel
  1. Peace Of Mind
  2. I Want You To Want Me
  3. This Is The Time
  4. I Can Hear Them Now
  5. So I Pray
  6. I Believe In You
  7. Yume Ga Naiteru
  8. Kimi No Mune De Nemuritsukitai
  9. Stupid Angel
  10. Hit Me One More Time
Stupid Angel
Stupid Angel

Zain Japan

Release Date:

Produced by Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance
Mixed, recorded and mastered by Harry Hess


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What people say

"You just gotta love that package: the shirt is amazing quality and it's nice to have a 2nd HS shirt to wear!! The signed pic is awesome and will soon be hanging on my wall! But the best thing is the GOLD laminate - really awesome!"
J. F. Geller