Weight Of The World | review

I must say I had my doubts about the new album from Hess & Co because of the speculations of however they could go back to the Classic style from the great "Mood Swings" album without screwing up. I read some interviews with Harry Hess after the two Rubber albums that didn't shine up our world, I'm glad they left that period but weren't so sure that the band could write new songs as good as the fantastic two first records, like Hess said they would do again. I myself highly put the "Mood Swings" album as one of the 50 best albums ever made so you can imagine the expectations about this album. But after hearing it nearly every day in 2 weeks I can only say they managed to find that magic sound once again.

"Weight of the world" features only strong goodrock songs and one enourmous ballad called "This aint over" that is my fave. Give Harry Hess an award of any kind because he delivers melodies of gold in every tune he has written on this album,just listen to "Killingme" and you will understand what I mean. The japanese version will contain one bonus track "End of time" but thats just the ordinary way of a Harem album (laughter)! This will be one of the top 10 albums this year. Go out and get it on the release day 25th of March.

Review by Kaj
Originally posted at melodic.net