Overload | review

HAREM SCAREM makes another comeback. This time they once again changed their sound a bit, because 'Overload' is by far their heaviest record since 'Mood swings'. It's also different than anything else they have done in the past. This can be heard in the groovy guitar sound, which is very heavy (close to Metal riffs), so 'Overload' is clearly a step away from the 2 previous melodic poprock records they released on FRONTIERS RECORDS. Nevertheless, it's a quality record, although not as good as their first 2 classics or the previous 2 studio albums. The record sets them apart from any other band in this genre, because they are once again experimenting, while still keeping the typical HAREM SCAREM melodies. The best songs are the uptempo melodic heavy rockers "Afterglow", "Don't come easy" (very strong chorus), "Forgive and forget", but also semi-ballads like "All you're getting", "Understand you" and the bonustrack "Wishing".

Like the other HAREM SCAREM records, also this new CD needs to be listened a couple of times before making up a good judgment. Still I am quite clear that this is another great chapter in the Melodic Rockbook which HAREM SCAREM started to write almost 15 years ago in Canada, and which probably (and hopefully) never ends, because also 'Overload' is another must-have release for any HAREM SCAREM fan!

Points: 8.5 out of 10

Review by Gabor Kleinbloesem
Originally posted at Strutter Magazine