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Harem Scarem return with their follow-up to 2003's 'Higher'. This album carries on in some ways form where 'Higher' left off with more up tempo rockers like the opener 'Dagger' with its infectious chorus line that Harem Scarem are so good at penning.

In fact there is much more guitar in evidence this time around as Pete Lesperance gets to show off his talents (just listen to 'Afterglow' for proof). There are also the requisite ballads and Harem Scarem achieve what Def Leppard have failed to do recently in producing power ballads that are not simply retreads of past glories.

The song 'Forgive & Forget' being a prime example of this. Former HS drummer pops-up to add backing vocals and doubtless returning the compliment that featured HS members guesting on his solo album.

Overall a good album but not a classic like 'Mood Swings' or 'Weight Of the World' as there are one or two fairly average tracks on the album. That said it won't disappoint and the band at least try to expand the boundaries of their sound rather than rehash old tunes.


Review by Jason Ritchie
Originally posted at Get Ready to ROCK!

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"Great package! Really cool little collection. Thank you to all involved!"
Anders Silfverlin