Harry Hess | interview

"... jetzt schlägt's dreizehn!" with HARRY HESS of HAREM SCAREM

No other band in the melodic rock genre has delivered such a varied discography throughout their career as these heroes from Canada.
From the high quality poser rock of their early days, to "Mood Swings" considered by many to be the best melodic rock album of the 90`s and tracks from it are still filling dance-floors around Europe, over the almost progressive song structures ("Voice Of Reason" album), to the power pop of the Rubber releases, Harem Scarem always surprised their fans with new ideas. Their latest album "Over:Load" is surprise bunch of new and fresh elements. On account of this issue we have asked singer Harry to answer our 25 questions, in which he appears himself from a very humorous side.

I. Where and when were you born?
I was born in Oshawa, Onatrio, Canada on July 5th 1968.

II. Where do you live at the moment?
Just a little outside of Toronto.

III. Which occupation have you learned?
Nothing, I can't do anything except for music, and some people might say that I can't even do that!

IV. Momentary occupation:
International rock star

V. Favourite drinks:
Diet Coke, French Vanilla Cappuccino.

VI. Favourite dishes:
Baby Back Ribs, Steak and various pasta. The most important thing about recording or touring is where and what we eat.

VII. Favourite films:
"Ass fuckers seven". No wait! "The Lion King"

VIII. Favourite actors:
Mike Myers, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freedman, Homer Simpson

IX. Your favourite holiday places?
Bahamas, because of the weather and the beach and maybe the casino.

X. Which are your 5 favourites music ablums/ all time faves?
AC/DC - Back In Black
QUEEN - Night At The Opera
JELLYFISH - Split Milk
TNT - Intuition
DEF LEPPARD - Hysteria

XI. Favourite musicians:
Singers from the bands above, but my all time favourite singer has to be Freddie Mercury.

XII. Is there a musician with witch you would gladly cooperate?
Christina Aguilara for many different reasons plus she's a great singer!

XIII. Which job would you never want to exercise?
I hate to exercise.

XIV. For which luxury do you spend the most money?

XV. Which three things would you take with yourself to a lonesome islands?
Guitar / piano and a boat so I can get the fuck off.

XVI. Do you have still other interests beside the music?
Yes, but none of them are legal.

XVII. Which historic figure of the contemporary history would you gladly have been?
It would have been nice to be to be born a prince.

XVIII. What was the nicest event in the course of your childhood/ school days?
I had a great childhood I wish it would have been worse so I could have been a tortured artist and had more to write about.

XIX. Who was the dream of your youth?
The girls from " Charlie's Angels " and " Wonder Women "

XX. What was the most embarrassing experience in the course of your musician's career?
Forgetting words to my own songs.

XXI. The biggest mistake of your life?
Signing a fucking Canadian record deal.

XXII. The biggest triumph of your life?
I'm not sure I've experienced one yet.

XXIII. Your worst habit?
Writing stupid answers when doing interviews.

XXIV. Which thing does make fear to you mostly?
Being trapped in an elevator with Celine Dion.

XXV. Your life motto:
Look over there!!!!!!!

Interview by Sonny
Originally posted at Rock & Metal Heaven - 25 questions