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HAREM SCAREM is the name that can still please and attract many melodic rock/pop fans worldwide for sure.
This 4-piece Canadian band started their career in 1988 as a melodic hardrock band and released their self-titled first studio album in 1991. Its follow-up 'Mood Swings' in 1993 was the break for them and received an amazing feedback especially from Japan. Meanwhile, the boys tried various musical styles flexibly and sought a success in US/UK market using a new band name RUBBER. But now they are back again as HAREM SCAREM and show us how good they still are in writing melodic rock!
This album has 10 songs totally and the running time is apprx. only 38 minutes. Every song is very simple, compact and straight.

But it never fails of impressive refrain, catchy melodies, clear choruses, rich hooklines and, let alone, rock 'n roll attitude. This is just amazing to hear all these poppy vocal lines and thick coruses one after another wheather it's acoustic style song or hard-pop type. At the first listen, you might get an impression all the songs sound similar to some extent, but the more you enjoy the work, the better the songs give you their own colour.
If you're fond of rock music with pop melodies, then this record surely satisfies you A LOT.

Review by Masa
Originally posted at 21stcenturymetal.net