Live At The Gods 2002 | review

This Canadian Melodic Rock band have been around for over 13 years now. Have you ever heard of them? Chances are that 99 out of 100 Rock fans have not, but that 1 fan out there has discovered one of the hidden gems of Rock n Roll. Harem Scarem are very popular in Japan, but largely unknown to the rest of the Rock world. In Canada, they're known as RUBBER. This DVD was filmed at "The Gods festival" in England. The performance is stripped down to just the band their instruments. No flash bombs, pyro, or poseing. The talent in this band is just amazing. Pete Lesperance's guitar playing is blistering. This man can shred with the best ofthem. Lead singer Harry Hess sounds just good live as he does on CD.

While watching this DVD, I was curious to see if Harem Scarem would be able to pull of the 3 part harmonies in a live setting. Jesus, spot on perfect! The Live at the Gods DVD has been out for a while in Japan and Europe. Finally, the rest of the world finally gets a chance to view it. Bullseye Canada has released an all regions DVD version on the Gods 2002 performance. Look for it under the name RUBBER and not Harem Scarem for only $15.99 USD on Bullseye Canada website.

Grade: A- (The minus is because there are no extras on the DVD.)

Review by skinwalker
Originally posted at The Metal Exiles