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This is an interview with Jon Fiore about the "Today Till Tomorrow" album. Jon has been interviewed by Bryan Toth.

Not everyone is familiar with all of your earlier work. Could you give me some details about someof the projects you've been a part of in the past?
During the early 80's, I was in a band called Preview on Geffen Records signed by John Kalodner. Also, I sang bg on numerous records such as TNT, Uma, Micheal Bolton, Cher, Carly Simon, George Duke.. I was also in a band with Simon Phillips and Jed Leiber.

Did you guys record an album?
No. We never got a deal, but we recorded some really good tracks that could be candidates for the next Fiore album.

Sounds of my later questions was actually whether or not there would be anotherFiore album.
In '93, I landed a solo deal with Atlantic Records here in New York, but we had typical record problems. There will most definitely be another Fiore album. We've only just begun.

Great! I'll be looking forward to it!
Me too! What's next.

So, how did you get involved with Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance for the current album?
Magnus over at MTM Records was trying to do a project with me for awhile, but I was tied up with Atlantic. Finally, I heard a tape from Harry that Magnus sent me, and I loved the songs. So I decided to meet with him. We hit it off and began recording right away.

Well, you just answered another question I had -- A lot of the songs on the album were originallywritten to be Harem Scarem songs. Have you heard the versions that the band recorded themselves?
Some of them. Most of them were in the raw stages when I heard them originally. Then Harry, Pete, and I started polishing them up together. But I loved the songs from the beginning.

Did hearing their version influence your performance of the songs, or did you try to make anattempt to give the songs your own unique touch?
I can't help but bring my own vocal style to a song. I felt each song as if it were my own from the beginning. Also time was a factor. Otherwise, we would have collaborated on the writing as well. I didn't want to spend another six months to do a record after coming of a 3 yr. recording deal with Atlantic and then not having the product come out, I was anxious.

That's understandable. What was it like working with Harry and Pete as producers? How much inputdid they put into the process?
Working with Harry and Pete was a wonderful experience. Harry and I worked on the vocals together and Pete [added] the perfect musical details with his guitar expertise.

Speaking of that, how much playing did Pete actually contribute to the album?
What do you think...?

I wasn't sure.....since he was listed as an "Additional Musician", I assumed it wasn'ttoo much, but a lot of those solos sound like him!
Pete definitely has his own signature! Eh?

Definitely.....that's one of the things I like best about his playing. He's got his own style.

I know that the Japanese release of "Today Till Tomorrow" will have one bonus track.About how many tracks did you guys record for the album?
We recorded about 13 tracks and we ended up using one of my songs as the bonus track.

So pretty much everything ended up on the album then. I was hoping there might be some extra trackslying around for future release! :)

You mentioned earlier that you're going to work on another Fiore album. Do you have any timetablefor that right now?
I'm writing songs as we speak.

Are you going to be working with Harry and Pete again?
We've only started to hit the tip of the iceberg.

Sounds like a good partnership!
I would love to work with them again, there both very special cats.

About the making of this much of a band effort was it? From the packaging of thealbum, (and this is a lot of speculation on my part)it almost makes it look like you and the rest of the band weren't even in the studio at the same time!
Living in NYC it was very hard to spend all my time there so I had to make the most of the time we had doing the vocals and the backing vocals.

You recorded at Harry's studio?
Yeah-at Phase IV.

Are there any plans to tour to support the album?
I would love to tour, and we're starting to prepare for it-because this record's going to be the BOMB!!! I can feel it!

Are any dates set yet?
No, not yet. But, we do anticipate doing some smaller acoustic promotional concerts in the near future.

Well, if the tour happens, are you planning on going with the band that you recorded with?
Hopefully we can all tour together.

Sounds great! The songs on this album really can be defined as classic AOR. What kind of sound doyou go for with your own material?
Very much the same, although I do write in other styles.

Well, that's really all the questions I've got for tonight. Thanks for taking the time to chat withme!

Interview by Bryan Toth
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