Higher | review

Harem Scarem with their previous album "Weight Of the world" have returned form the dead. And not only that: they have manage to release also a second great rock album in the raw. Not bad for this old team…
"Higher" comes with a fresh air. Harem Scarem have moved from long time now to a higher level. They left back their pop rock days and they are focused in a heavy rock / A.O.R. in the style of Nickelbag and other modern rock bands. So as you can understand except the familiar voice of Harry Hess you get smart guitars, grungy and heavy most of the time and a tight ass rhythm section.

"Reach" and "Give It To You" or "Lucky Ones" are gonna rock you really good. Some old memories wake up with tunes like "Lies" and "Waited". The top notch production by Hess /Lesperance helps a lot but can someone explain me what's the front cover all about?

Review by Michael Dalakos
Originally posted at thetempleofmetal.gr