Pete Lesperance | interview

This is a short interview originally done for the Czech magazine ToP Rock.

First up, my compliments and congratulations. The new album is really amazing! I think it's your best album since Voice Of Reason. What's your opinion?
It is one of my faves as well.

This is the first interview for the Czech music magazine. Describe yourself (Harem Scarem) in a few words for those, who didn't hear about you yet...
Scarem is Melodic hard rock with a modern edge.

Harem Scarem... What it means?
It was one of the first Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The album is a perfect mixture of hard rock with modern influences. Are you planning to incorporate more modern parts to Harem Scarem sound?

Are you using some samples, or special effects in live performance?
We have not yet started rehersing so we will see...

Weight Of The World sounds very fresh and new. Were you using some oldmaterial?
WOTW is 90% new material.

Harem Scarem have the best sounding vocals I've ever heard. Can you tell more about making this sound? How many overdubs are used and are you using some special effects?
Not effects just layers of doubled vocal harmoines.

You have your own studio, you're working as the producer, sound engineer... Any interesting collaborations on the way? And tell us a few names of artist you were cooperating with...
Harry and I both have our own studios and are always working on other projects. Harry just finished mixing the new Great Big Sea record and I am currently developing a number of young artists.

There's a very positive response from an album! Great reviews, great fans responses... What about it?
It feels good to give our fans the record that they have been asking us for for years.

Your favourite songs on the album?
Weight Of The World, Killing Me

Your favourite Harem Scarem songs ever?
Weight Of The World, No Justice, If There Was A Time.

What was the first album you've ever bought?
Kiss - Destroyer

What was the main reason you said: &Yeah, I wanna be a rockstar!& ?
I saw Kiss live in 1979 on the Dynasty tour.

What was the latest album you've bought and what are you listening these days?
Sheryl Crow and to many to list.

The first song you've been playing or singing on the stage?
Hard Luck Woman by Kiss

The first band you've ever seen live on the stage?

Describe each band member in your own words...
Harry - Grumpy
Barry - Hungry
Creighton - Sneezy

... and yourself?

Are there any plans on European tour? Especially some gigs close to the Czech Republic?
Yes we are doing a short European tour in June.

You and Harry are working on the solo projects. Can you tell me more about them and when they will be out?
We'll let you know when we get closer to done.

I'm receiving many questions on possibility to re-release your Video, Hits and More. Any plans to release DVD or VHS?
We are working on some kind of DVD but we're not sure exactly what it will consist of yet.

What was the main reason to rename Harem Scarem to Rubber?
The music was different enough from Harem Scarem that using that name didn't seem to make much sense to us.

Harem Scarem is back again. I know it's too early, but when we can expect the new recording?
We will start working on the next record after the summer tours.

Can you tell me short comment on each album you did?
1. Harem Scarem - the first so it was new and exciting
2. Mood Swings - I think we found our sound on that one
3. Voice Of Reason - probably our most ambitious and my fav.
4. Karma Cleansing/Believe - we tried to hard.
5. Big Bang Theory - first sigh of the new power pop sound.
6. Rubber - also one of my faves. Pure power pop.
7. Ultra Feel - Yuk.

Your short message to fans in the Czech republic...
Looking forwars to seeing you all one day.

Interview by Dan Friml
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