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From Harem Scarem to Rubber, from North America to Europe and Japan, the name Harry Hess is onethat is respected and admired among the music world. Not only is he the front man for one of Canada's biggest bands but he is also an accomplished producer and a power house writer of great melodic music. I am happy to announce that Harry is well and busy as ever, still working hard at what he does best. If you have not yet heard the music from Harem Scarems latest album; "Higher" I suggest you check out the samples available at www.haremscarem.net.

1. The name Harry Hess is well known on many continents as the voice and one of the driving forcesbehind Harem Scarem and Rubber. We know you as Harry Hess the musician but would like to start the interview by asking you to describe yourself as Harry Hess, the man behind the Music?
Well, what you see is what you get. I don't pretend to be a rock star or act like one, I just love music and have a passion for making records.

2. There are a lot of questions that we would like to ask but we will take it easy and start out with the obvious - What are you up to now?
I'm producing a few different projects here in Canada. My studio has been incredibly busy these days as well, so it's been full on every day.

3. Many bands find something that works and stick with it, sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it becomes old and stale, that is definitely not the case with Harem Scarem. In fact it couldn't be further from the truth, your move to become Rubber was unprecedented and shows a great deal of faith in your ability and your fans, how do you feel the transition went over all?
Well, for the open minded person who doesn't want the same record over and over again the change was welcomed. We wouldn't be where we are today if we haven't made those records, so I personally have no regrets. I think that 99% of our fans are smart enough to know that we put everything we have into all of our recordings regardless of direction.

4. Another big difference during that time was the introduction of Pete Lesperance doing leadvocals on some of the songs how did that come about?
Yeah, I always loved bands that did that. Now that we're reserving the Harem Scarem name for the "Rock" records in our lives, I've been doing all the vocals again like we originally did.

5. Pete and you are great song writers and since the time the two of you met you have beendelivering solid music to the world, any comment on how the two of you keep coming up with the hits?
It's like the Partridge Family "something always happens whenever we're together". We've been lucky enoughthat everytime we sit down to work on a record the songs just come out and the day that stops...... we'll still keep doing it!! like everyone else does.

6. How do you feel that your style of writing has progressed from the early days and what do youtry to keep in mind when writing new songs?
I've always been a melody guy! I think that if you start with a great melody the rest just falls into place. It's a craft and the more you do it the better you get.

7. When you signed with Now and Then another season of change was upon the band, what was it like coming back to the Harem Scarem name?
We had an overwhelming number of people in the industry that were interested in us continuing to make "rock" records, so we decided it was only right to do it under the Harem Scarem name. So you know what your gonna get when you buy a Harem Scarem record.

8. The discography on www.haremscarem.net says a lot about how busy you have stayed as a band andhow thirsty the public is for new albums, what would you say is the secret to you success, what is the motivation that keeps you going?
We've got a great work ethic and we have our own studio so it's easy for us to put out a record every year, and for the most part we have.

9. So now we have two great bands and as of last year we have the first taste of your solo career, how do you feel about "Just another Day" and what plans to you have for following it up?
I was very pleased with it at the time. I really wanted to do something that didn't sound like the last Harem Scarem record (although some people expected that I would). I'll do another one, but I have no plans on when at this point.

10. How was working on Gary Hughes Rock Opera? How did it come about that you got the part as the Epilogue Narrator?
He just called and asked me. I don't really know Gary but I'm familiar with his work and he seems like a great guy.

11. As someone with experience and proven performance in the music industry what advice would yougive to aspiring musicians and bands that are looking for that first big break?
Don't try to be like everyone else and write great songs. If you can do that it will work 100% (I guarantee it or your money back).

12. Do you have a closing message for the fans that are reading this interview?
Never pet a burning dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the best,
Harry Hess

Interview by Kathy
Originally posted at strikeabalance.net