Harem Scarem | review

Back in 1997, when I originally reviewed this album, Harem Scarem were one of those many bands whose albums weren't very widely available in Finland. I had read some articles about them in English music magazines, and the things I read aroused my interest. My first copy of the album was a tape from my good friend Pedro, and it was one of my most listened tapes for a few months!
The "Harem Scarem" album has to be one of the greatest AOR albums ever. When I first heard this album, Ithought it sounded like a combination of 38 Special and Coney Hatch, but only ten times better!

I was hooked instantly when I heard the brilliant opener "Hard To Love", and the likes of "Distant Memory", "LoveReaction" and the brilliant power ballad "Slowly Slipping Away" only proved that this was something veryspecial. I can honestly say that there is not a single dull track on this album, and probably half of the songs would be included on my Top Ten Harem Scarem songs-list, if I was to make one.

Review by Kimmo Toivonen
Originally posted at rockunited.com