Higher | review

Harem Scarem return with their new studio album "Higher". Higher is a collection of songs that are both familar sounding to long time Harem fans, and a great introduction of the band to a new era of fans. Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance are naturals when it comes to writing songs full of harmony and melodic over tones, with heavy guitar riffs and musical construction, to rival the best acts in music today and yesterday.

"REACH" - The song opens the album in true Harem Scarem fashion. Familar harmonies we have all come to know by the band. The strongest part of the song comes when Harry brings his voice higher and higher on the end of the chrous. Again strong instrument on this album with the heavy riffs and rythmic beats.

"WAITED" - A terrific song starting off acoustic then breaks into a memoriable chorus. Mid-tempo song, that will sure to become an album and fan favorite.

"TORN RIGHT OUT" - Another example of great penmanship on this track. Vocals are on target here and the mid-tempo songs music is toe-tapping to the tee! Has the classic Harem Scarem vibe to it, but has a more modern guitar sound to it.

"GIVE IT TO YOU" - This is a song where the band gives you the 'today' rock feel, with their classic type of harmonies. Not to say it is a Blink 182 type of song, but has that sort of fun feel to it. Head bopping and gang vocals bring this one to life and could be one of the top songs on the album.

"HIGHER" - The title track is a song that describes not only Harem Scarem, but "Higher" the album as well! A true 'power ballad', "Higher" delievers us a classic song and probably one of the best ballads ever! This is a top 40 song, and it should be! This can easily be on the radio next to the Bon Jovi's and Def Leppard's radio hits. Pure vocals and strong rhytms bring this song to life.

"RUN AND HIDE" - Another great track that shows off the vocal power of the band and riff and fret playing guitars. Another sing-a-long type of track.

"THE LUCKY ONES" - The first thing you will notice is the vocal effects on this one. A little different than most sounding songs. The effects don't last too long as the songs breaks into a melodic chorus and comes back down as Harry sings the only way he can.

"LIES" - The song opens up right in your face with the patent Harem Scarem guitar sound. The pre-chorus launches into a great harmonic chorus by the band. A strong riff guides this song start to finish.

"GONE" - This one starts off with a fun acoustic guitar. Harry then starts his famous singing, and you can feel the build up coming toward the chorus. The chorus kicks in with a the full use of the bands vocal powers. The acoustic back track is there throughout the song and enhances the overall feel for this one. This is a great song. Not over the top gang vocals, and enough harmonies to make it another song you will put in your memory bank and hum along to when the CD is not in the player.

"LOST" - A little different type of opening for Harem Scarem musically. The guitar is played with a little more flare and effects on it, and then when the chorus comes in, it becomes a more familar style. The different style playing really makes the song work. Good strong vocals and background vocals.

"WISHING" - This is a song, that unless you have the Japanese verison you are missing out on an incredible song! This has got to be one of the best slow songs I have ever heard. Harry does such an impressive job on the vocals here. Stretching his voice during the verses, and bursting into a huge chorus. The background harmonies, are moving as the song moves along. The piano is a great touch under the main guitar. Simply hands down one of thier best songs!

"Higher" gives us a Harem Scarem staying true to what they know how to do well, and then take it to the next level. "Higher" does not have as many 'rockers' as thier last studio effort "Weight Of The World". But what "Higher" does have are mid-tempo and memoriable songs! Songs you will be signing to yourself after the first play.

Review by Rob
Originally posted at theloudestrock.com