Mood Swings | review

Four Canadians hide behind the rather strange name of HAREM SCAREM and "Mood Swings" had been the secondalbum of the Melodic Rockers back in 1993. And what an album it is that the guys around Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance have created, many even think that "Mood Swings" is the best Melodic Rock-album of the Nineties!
I wouldn't go that far (especially as you cannot really say this is Melodic Rock, this Melodic Metal and so on), because there also had been releases by GIANT or HARDLINE, but I think we can safely say that it is among the best of its kind.

So what is it that elevates this album on such a high level? Well, for one the really great, thought-through song-writing, which brings in its own ideas, freshness and verve, plus the very good voice of Hess and the brilliant guitar-play of Lesperance, and you get an album that doesn't leave anything to be desired in this sub-genre.

They manage to masterly create catchy melodies, which never sound shallow or pathetic and also steer clear of the cliffs of uniformity, it's no big things, but still they sound different and just plainly great! Just listen to songs like "Change Comes Around", the a-capella-piece "If There Was A Time" or "Had Enough", where Master Lesperance has the chance to show off a little and realise for yourselves - HAREM SCAREM just are better than the rest!

But seriously, if you like this style and do not know "Mood Swings" yet, it is absolutely about time, because you just have to know such a high-calibre release!

Review by Alex
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