Voice Of Reason | review

I figured that since I'm going to review the "Believe" album as well, I might write about their previousalbum first. With this album the band moved to a heavier, darker direction, yet still retaining some of their old qualities.

The biggest flaw of this album in my opinion is that most of the songs are too slow, they just plod along. The title track, which also opens the album, is one of the few uptempo numbers on the whole album. Then we are subjected to 6 slow numbers... Don't get me wrong, they are good tracks, but...

"The Paint Thins" does provide a welcomed change of pace, but otherwise it's not a very good track. It's probably the most "alternative"-sounding song here. Then it's back to the Plodland with the three remaining tracks, none of which are my favourites. "Necessary Evil" is quite refreshing though, it's much lighter than the rest of the album.

While listening to this album I was reminded of King's X quite often, and The Beatles were another band that I started to think of. My favourite track is "Warming A Frozen Rose", which sounded like Enuff Z'Nuff mixed with Pretty Maids!

Review by Kimmo Toivonen
Originally posted at rockunited.com