Voice Of Reason | review

Warning! This new album by Harem Scarem is nothing like their previous one! I'm not saying that in a bad way mind you. The success of their last album Mood Swings, probably influenced the guys to try something a little different. The band sometimes labeled 80s sounding, distanced themselves from that perception on this disc.
Expecting something like the previous album, I was amazed at the change of style on "Voice Of Reason." It seems to be more focused on the songs rather than individual highlights which was predominant on Mood Swings. This brings out a very different Harem Scarem. The album settles nicely and shows a lighter side to the band.
Songs like "Blue" and "Let It Go", show signs of Harem delving into new music territory. Vocalist Harold Hess's unique voice and Pete Lesperance's guitar wizardry further add to the songs.

There is also the appropriate "Candle," and the smokin' title track. If there is a drawback to this newrelease, it would be the lack of heavy rockers that Harem do sowell. Don't get me wrong, there are great ones on this disc. My favorite track, "The Paint Thins," shows Harem Scarem at their best heavy rock salvo. Lesperance really shows off his great guitar licksin a frenzy on this one. This is a good effort by Harem Scarem, if not a little mellower than their previous outing. But like all good bands, they change their sound from album to album. It's a good sign from a promising up and coming band.
If you like good solid hard rock mixed with a lighter theme to it, I'd pick up this disc.

Review by Patrick Handlovsky
Originally posted at Imprint: Arts (Volume 18, Number 11)