Karma Cleansing | review

You can read my original review of the Japan release of this record in Archive Reviews (Page 2). The album has been given a new cover, new tilte and slightly adjusted for reasons known only to the band and the label. For Canada, the album is 'Karma Cleansing', and has the added feature of two different tracks from the 'Beleive' release.
The bad news is that two tracks have been left off. The instrumental 'Baby With A Nail Gun' and the track sung by drummer Darren, 'Staying Away'. Now that is really unfortunate, cause they are great songs. On an album that barely passes 45 minutes, there appears no good reason to leave tracks off.

Any which way we have 2 new tracks to make us go out and buy another copy of the album. 'Cages' is a fast paced track, in a similar vein to the title track 'Karma Cleansing' - alternatively tinged, but retaining some melody.
'The Mirror' is one of the bands more trippy Beatles influenced numbers, with a mellow verse, but more uptemp chorus.Neither track makes the album any better, although they are enjoyable, but taking the other two tracks off, actauly makes it a little lees enjoyable.
A few marks off the original 'Believe' review for doing just that.

Review by Andrew McNeice
Originally posted at melodicrock.com