Karma Cleansing | review

After a debut (released 1991) packed to the max with pure Canadian FM-rock (what a debut!) they followed up 2 years later with another album ("Mood Swings") crammed with more of the same. A bit tougher yes, but very melodic. Man, what a great record!
On their 3rd record, "Voice Of Reason" from 1995, they explored new territories. It was a "moodier", darkerand actually a bit grungy release.
When "Karma Cleansing" was released last summer I just had lost interest in the band. But never say never. The curiosity began growing and finally I had to feed it.

The best way to describe its sound would be to say that sounds like a mix of "Mood Swings" and "Voice Of Reason". Favourites are the acoustic "Rain", the heavy riffin' "Die Off Hard", "I Won't Be There" with its guitar stringing and the chorus strong "Hail, Hail".
All in all very, very good actually, even if those enourmus euphoric feelings I get from the 2 first records never really appears.
But nevertheless they're back on the right track again.

Review by Stefan
Originally posted at aor.nu