Believe (Special Edition) | review

Well, the Japanese are really starting to get a handle on the marketing techniques often used to piss of record buyers in the westen world. Unfortunatley, when the Japanese do it, it's at twice the price.
'Believe - Special Edition' features 6 tracks re-mixed by the crown prince of sharp productions Kevin Elson.
The re-mixes are sharper and smoother than the original, with some added backing vocals and new vocal effects, and a couple of tracks varied in speed.
The 'bonus tracks' include two tracks featured on the 'Die Off Hard' Cd Single, 'Cages' and 'The Mirror'.

The only truely previously unreleased track is an okay cover of the Cheap Trick classic 'Surrender'. Not a great investment for the casual fan.
If you have the original version and not the single, then you will get 3 new tracks and the re-mixes, making it worthwhile.If you have the Canadian version, you can get the extra tracks left off that album (Baby With A Nail Gun and Staying Away), and the bonus track, making it worth while.
If you already have both - forget it!

Review by Andrew McNeice
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