Higher | review

Harem Scarem's "Weight Of The World" was one of the big surprises of the last year. It is sure that after an incredible album like "Weight Of The World", all of us we were waiting with a lot of anxiety the next album of the band. I've been anticipating that the new album of Harem Scarem would be at least equal to their previous one.

So, when I took the album in my hands I didn't waste much time and I put it on the cd player right away. That was it. I stood with great delight and listening to the album. Song after song I just couldn't believe what I was listening to! Melodies, great hook lines, rock guitars, and a lot of inspiration! Yes, that's the big "secret" of Harem Scarem. Great Inspiration as good as their talent!

It seems that Harry Hess (vocals) and Pete Lesperance (guitar) have found the golden section between them and they use it to compose really great melodic rock songs! No, I'm not exaggerating, cause here we are talking about enormous art and no bullshits!

Every band that respect itself should listen to "Higher" by any chance to understand what is that "secret" that characterize a big band and also it makes it differ from the other good ones. When other bands are trying to compose a damn good song, so that they can use it as tout to their album as if to sell some more copies…then comes Harem Scarem and show that at ease they can compose not one or two but many outstanding songs! Do you hassle with that?

Well, the album has ten songs (eleven if we count the bonus track), which are truly excellent! Just listen to the opener heavy rocker "Reach", the big hit "Waited" (which has one of the most melodious and memorable choruses), the hard rocker "Lucky One", the "modern rock" "Give It To You" (which has some nu-breed elements), the melodic pop/rock "Run And Hide", the catchy "Lies", the moody acoustic "Gone", the power rocker "Lost", and the lyrical "Wishing" (it is a bonus track) to understand why "Higher" is not just a good melodic rock album. It is something more. It is an album that only a few bands can release.

I must also refer to the modern and crystal clear production of the album, which adds up to the whole result. So as you might guess, the persons that are responsible for the strong modern production are Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance. I think that it is logical, cause they are the composers of the songs and they only know the way (and what should they do) to make their songs sound even better!

So, here we are with one of the strongest releases for this year so far! The only objection that I have (if someone can say such a thing) is that the album lasts less than 40 minutes! "Higher" actually deserves not only your money, but also your valuable time and surely you won't regret it. The fans of melodic rock music must be very happy, because in that specific genre are great bands like Harem Scarem which respect themselves and every new album that they release is fantastic! If you love melodic rock music and memorable "smart" choruses that you will be able to sing them all day long, then do not loose the chance to get "Higher". One of the best albums for this year and also for the years to come in the melodic rock scene!
(The best release of September)

Review by Thanos Aggelakis
Originally posted at grande-rock.tk