Big Bang Theory | review

Harem Scarem have a unique defining sound, yet seem to side step it with each album release.
Each record has it's own style and the band have managed to record four studio album's without repeating themselves once while still integrating their key sounds - vocals, harmonies and the guitar sounds.
And once again the band have moved a little off center into new territory again.
On their debut, Harem Scarem instantly put themselves on the map with a pure Canadian burst of melodic power AOR.With Mood Swings, the band took on the harder edge guitars and big vocals. With Voice Of Reason, it was a tough uncompromising modern record that held their great melodies, but a more complex song structure.
On Believe / Karma Cleansing the band continued their 90's friendly path but with parts of their past records incorporated into it. That record was almost a perfect cross breed between Voice Of Reason and Mood Swings.
Now on Big Bang Theory the band have recorded an album that is similar in appeal and sound to Voice of Reason. Actually it seems to be a cross betweenthat album and Believe.
This is not as rigid as that record, in fact in places this is the loosest and grooviest I have heard the band. Raw and live in feel, this album is going to take a few listens for you to form an opinion.
After doing that I have decided that as good as it is, it is still not what many of the fans would ideally like to hear. It is another bloody good record that I love and will be playing a lot of in the weeks to come.

But from the feedback received from the Fiore release, I think people would rather a more melodic Harem Scarem rather than the hard edged 90's friendly version on this record. So Blind opens with a crash and sees the band in a trashy punk pop mood, raw, live and melodic. Great party track.
That song sets the pace for the whole album. There is only one big slow ballad - the closing track In My State Of Mind. Tables Turning is a mid paced ballad with a huge chorus, but if you have Live At the Siren, you will know this already.Climb The Gate is another great fast rocking track and one of the highlights. A little more layered and produced than the punkish opener and tracks like Turn Around and Reload.
Seas Of Dimension is a heavy and very moody mid paced tune that reminds me of the best parts of Voice Of Reason.Sometimes I Wish and Lying are both in the loose, punkish rocking style.
Never Had It All is again heavily like Voice Of Reason in it's power ballad alternative style. Good track. 40 minutes later it is all over. I am left liking the album but wondering if it couldn't have been better. Not enough from a band that are capable of being the BEST bar none.
Accordingly, I have marked it lower than some other albums I have reviewed here that I don't like as much, but becasue these guys have the talent and money to produce better.

Review by Andrew McNeice
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