Big Bang Theory | review

Maybe I was expecting too much from Harem Scarem and their new release, 'Big Bang Theory'. After enjoying that band's last release, 'Believe', I thought the band was head back in the musical direction of their past works like, 'Mood Swings'. With the new disc, I thought the band were just going through the motions. Maybe it will take a couple more listens to change my opinion about it, but for now, I was disappointed. Just because I may not like what the band has done here, it does not mean that I won't listen to them anymore. I have always considered Harem Scarem one the best rock bands to come out of Canada. Its just that, 'Big Bang Theory', did not hit me that way the band's past material has. It was as if I was listening to the same song over and over again.

From "So Blind" to the last track, "My State Of Mind", the songs justdid not click. Harry Hess's voice sounds great as does Pete Lesperance guitar, but I did not hear the magic that these guys produced on such songs like, "No Justice" or "Die Off Hard". One reason that I was sosurprise with this disc was that the other bands that Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance have produced like, Fiore and Naro, sound awesome! The same magic that they conjured up with those bands is what I was expecting here. Again, maybe in time, 'Big Band Theory', will grow on me, but for now I just felt like I was shorted here.

Review by The Atomic Chaser
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