Big Bang Theory | review

This Canadian 4-piece impresses me with every new release. Not one album sounds like the other. Important things they do have in common are strong melodies and strong harmonies.
Describing their sound is a bit risky, as it's pretty diverse. One moment they're running along a more mainstream line like in "Tables Are Turning" and "Seas Of Dissension" (both only featured on the Japaneseversion). Then they're in "weirder" moods as in "Sometimes I Wish", sung by bassplayer Barry Donaghy by theway.
Exclusive for the Japanese version are also "Reload" and the Queen-influenced "Never Have It All".

The 4 songs exclusively on the Canadian version (the versions differ with for songs each) "Wasted Time","Without You", "What I Do" and "New Religion" has a more modern edge to it than those do on the Japanese version.
They're closing the album with a beautiful piano ballad entitled "In My State Of Mind. The lyric content isfar more thoughtful on this ballad than most you hear.
If being a Harem Scarem fan you should definitely have both versions, even if it may cost you an arm and a leg.If you enjoyed their previous records you'll find this a natural progression.
I am totally sold on this band.

Review by Stefan
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