B-Sides Collection | review

I love these guys! And despite the fact they are being milked out of existence by the Japanese label, I will still welcome this release with open arms.
The reason mainly is for the selection of 6 acoustic tracks. hey, why not do an unplugged album? (Oh sorry, that's the next release...)
Most of the others I have from being suckered out of my money to buy the EP's, when those tracks should have been on either Big Bang Theory or Believe. (Or Live, or Best Of, or...)
Anyway, I am hoping to track down Harry Hess so I can ask him personally, so lets stick to the music on hand.The compilation starts with three of the unplugged tracks, a great version of So Blind and Climb The Gate from BBT and Without you, an acoustic version of the original B-Side. Confused yet? The original is later in the record if you need reminding...
Then there is The Mirror and cages from the Canadian version of the Believe album or the Die Off Hard Japanese EP.Surrender is from the Japanese Believe Special Edition, as opposed to the live version of the song on the Live At The Siren CD, which is not the same as the Live In Japan release...that CD had the bonus track More Than You'll Ever Know, also included below.

Blue and No Justice are bonus tracks from the studio single from the live record Live At The Siren, as extra tracks fromthat gig that could have fit on the original, but were left off for some reason.
Turn Around and Hard To Love are also cool acoustic tracks recorded this year.
Wasted Time and Without You are from the So Blind EP. Not the live acoustic version of Without You, this is the full band version.
Oh, and Good Enough is an all new track, unplugged but not live like the others, and from God knows where.Phew. 15 releases now in 2 and a half years. 2 live albums, 2 studio albums, 1 best of, 1 B-Sides Collection, 1 special edition studio album and 5 EP's. That's not to mention the separate Canadian editions.
Where to next guys? Despite my cynicism, I still love the music and this isn't a band collection all up. Especially if you hadn't bothered collecting all the EP's.
And if this review didn't make sense, it's not just you!

Review by Andrew McNeice
Originally posted at melodicrock.com