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Well - Monty Python called it their Contractual Obligation Album - Harem Scarem are calling it 'Best Of'! Well I bought it so I can't be too critical of motives can I?
Primarily it is the record company in Japan that are riding the Scarem gravy train, releasing this best of compilation far too close to the Big Bang Theory.
But nevertheless, here it is.
And overall you really can't fault the quality of the tracks here.
Harem Scarem have continually proven that they are at the absolute for front of melodic rock and even though their albums swing from style to style and create endless debate, there is one thing certain.... No one else comes close.
The sheer song writing genius and the melodic mastery of Harry Hess and co is unrivalled and the production of every record they have produced is fantastic.
Sharp, clean and snappy.
But I can add a few words on the selection of tracks included.
The curious habit of having Kevin Elson re-mix tracks is puzzling and like 'Believe', it appears here again, with Kevin re-mixing a couple of the newer tracks.
Also the slant seems to be more on the bands' more recent works, with the debut Self Titled record featured only twice, Mood Swings featured with 3 tracks, Voice Of Reason represented twice and Believe featured 4 times.

The rest is a curious mix of a couple of tracks from Big Bang Theory re-mixed by Kevin Elson and left over tracks that have featured on recent singles, live albums (A re-mix of New Religion) and the Canadian version of the album.
I quite often here of many people hearing about the band and wondering what album would be a great place to start. This is a difficult question because of their melodic diversity, so a Best Of would logically be a great place to start.For fans that have to have everything, there are only a couple of bonuses here. For those that are borderline, I really don't think one extra track and the offer of a couple of new re-mixes is a reason to shell out a Japanese import price. It also makes me wonder - what the hell is going to be on this B-Sides Collection if there are already 3 EP's out now with unreleased stuff!!
Wait and see I guess!

Review by Andrew McNeice
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