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As the title says, this should be the last release seen with the Harem Scarem name attached. Most readers of this site will share my disappointment in that, as the guys head further into modern rock territory.
But even calling this release Harem Scarem is a bit of a stretch. This live album was recorded from the first Rubber tour of Japan. The composition of the album is 9 tracks from the Rubber album and a few token tracks from the Big Bang Theory record.I really like the Rubber album for what it was and will look forward to future new releases - just thank God that they changed the name, as this music will still be an insult to many classic Harem Scarem fans.
If you liked the Rubber album, this should be of interest. The tracks from the album are all played with the band's usual precision and energy, with the Big Bang Theory numbers given a slightly altered to fit the new sound.Unfortunately, the two new tracks will do nothing to please fans of the band's classic sound.
Lauralie sees Pete Lesperance back on vocals and sounds like a track lifted from an Enuff Z' Nuff album.

It's a mid tempo fuzz pop ballad that isn't great and misses the mark.
Another Nail For My Heart is much more promising, with Harry Hess singing and takes this track and the style of the band further into Marvelous 3 territory and further into the modern rock sound Rubber established. This song is as catchy as hell.
Bottom line: These guys should break through to new audiences as Rubber
soon. The song writing is just too good. But they had better break through as none of their original fans are likely to still be listening.
The new tracks on this release are as alien to fans of Mood Swings as one could imagine.
As a live release, it's only an average release, I'm afraid. One for those that really dug the Rubber record.

Review by Andrew McNeice
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