Higher | review

Starting with selling 30,000 copies of their debut album in their homeland Canada in 1991, has resulted in many more releases from Canada's finest Melodic hard rock band, Harem Scarem. Their new album, Higher, is more back to the beginning of Harem Scarem's career and I will say that the new album is a mix of their first and second album. It's always interesting listening to a new album from Harem Scarem, they have always got something new to offer us on their albums. The style musically has changed a bit on each album, something that is very important both for us listeners and the band itself. They have tried out many musical styles; melodic rock/hardrock, AOR, power pop, and they also have some elements of prog like we can hear on their album Voice Of Reason. The band performed at the Gods festival last year, something that resulted in a live album and live DVD, which is a must for every fan of Harem Scarem.
In January 2003 Harem Scarem went into studio again to record new songs to follow up their comeback album from 2002, Weight Of The World.

This album was also told to be a step back to their first album, but not so much as the new album Higher. It`s no shame to say that Harem Scarem is one of the greatest bands from the 90's and they start the new century with great albums, one after the another. Harem Scarem seems to have an infinitive potential writing brilliant songs, Harry and Pete has through the years worked themselves up to the top and they are a great couple when it comes to both write good songs and produce albums with very tasteful sound. And it's only one thing to say about their new album it's excellent, the ten songs on the album is of high quality and with many highlights like the Mood Swing's like song, Reach. I have waited many years to see Harem Scarem's songs be played on some TV stations, their songs reach a wide public and with some playing time on TV and radio I'm sure they could have sold millions of records worldwide with songs like Torn Right Out, Higher and the rock ballad Gone. If you haven't heard this superb band yet, you need to do it immediately because this is one of the greatest rock bands in the world today!

Review by Arne A
Originally posted at melodichardrocktoday.tk