Ultra Feel | review

It's only March but we just may have the album of the year right here. Leaving their Harem Scarem legacy even more in the dust, this is a collection of anthemic new breed rockers that show that the team of Hess/Lesperence, above all else, know how to craft EXTREMELY catchy songs that you simply cannot get out of your skull, even from the first listen. When one hook dies another comes to life and I cannot remember the last time I heard a disc packed with this much sonic punch. And with four of these songs, they just may have outdone almost anything they've done since "Believe" (or even the almighty "MoodSwings"). The bouncy "Hopeless", the superb and hit worthy "In The End", the strutting "Happiness" and the arena rocking "Forgive" are simply some of the best songs to grace my ears in some time.

In fact, I haven't been this excited or enthralled with one CD since the last Marvelous 3 album. Their cover of Squeeze's "Another NailIn My Heart" is also pretty damned goodand rocks up the original in typical Rubber
fashion. This is the kind of album that each listen brings a new favorite song (giving it some legs). If Warner would release this in the US and give it even the slightest push, this puppy could be huge. Though a touch short time wise, this is a PERFECT album to blast for the upcoming warm weather.

Review by Kurt Torster Jr.
Originally posted at Kurt's Krap!