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I guess the most of you will already know, that Rubber are noone else but the band formerly known as Harem Scarem. In the last ten years the Canadians have changed their style several times and I know that many of you are still waiting for a return to the glory AOR/Melodic Rock days of their first two albums. Well, once again I have to disappoint you, as "Ultra Feel" is a consequent successor to their last studio album"Rubber" and has nearly nothing in common with the band's early works. While the pure AORand Melodic Rockfans can stop reading now, the people who have a weakness for modern Rock-Pop bands like MARVELOUS 3, MARS ELECTRIC or NEVE have to read on!

Together with bassist Barry Donaghy and new drummer Creighton Doane, the creative heads Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance, have recorded an album packed full of sweet melodies and positive vibes, kicking you out of any bad mood! In comparison with "Rubber" the guitars sound a littleharder again and the exaggerarted 60's influences have been thrust into thebackground again. A development that has payed out as "Ultra Feel" has become the best album of the Canadians since many many years.Highlights you should check out are: "Forgive", "Over The Edge" and "Draggin' Me Down"..

Review by Marco Spaeth
Originally posted at OnTheRocks.de

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