Weight Of The World | review

It is really legendary Canadian outfit Harem Scarem? It is unbelievable that this band finally found its way to Russia! In Canada and Japan Harem Scarem has a cult status as one of the best Canadian bands ever. Though several years ago the band's musicians formed pop group Rubber, succeeded again but anyway returned to Harem Scarem title in 2001. Their music is rough hard rock and while the band softened its music some time before the split it now returns with more aggressive sound of classic 'Mood Swings'. Among the most recommended numbers are 'Weight Of The World', 'All I Want', amazing instrumental 'See Saw' & 'Voice Inside'.

And do you know any hard rock album without a ballad? It really touches the listener's soul,'This Ain't Over'. In short, until Harem Scarem exists the Canadian rock scene is 100% safe andprotected.

Review by Dead Ripper
Originally posted at metalkings.com