Weight Of The World | review

Canada's finest, Harem Scarem, have been around for 15 years, releasing quality releases year after year and still they remain virtually unknown outside their home turf and Japan, where they keep releasing at least a couple of collections or live albums a year, it seems. They took a shot at stardom with a somewhat different style under the name of RUBBER recently, but fame eluded them and now Rubber is on hold, while the boys are back in a big way and ready to do some serious melodic rockin'!

The Frontiers' marketing have been banging the drum about this album being a return to the sound of their classic "Mood Swings" album, but fortunately this isn't a pure retro thing. "Weight Of The World" is more like "Mood Swings Updated", it has many of the elements we all liked on "MS" but mixed with some new influences.

The title track opens the album and does it in a grand fashion: it is an outstanding track that wouldn't have sounded too out of place on "MS", yet it sounds very fresh at the same time. It is my favourite track on the album, and a sure fire "Top Ten Song Of The Year Candidate". "Killing Me" and "Outside Your Window"are very good tracks too, both reminding me of the latter HS albums, while "All I Want" is even better, another favourite of mine with a catchy hook. "This Ain't Over" is the ballad of the album, a bit Queen-like, good but not necessarily one of my favourites.

"Internude" is a short instrumental interlude (who would've guessed?), and then we get a trio of somewhat more modern sounding tracks. And with modern I mean new breed melodic rockers like Marvelous 3, not The Prodigy or Limp Whatzit! "You Ruined Everything", "Charmed Life" are good but the highlight is "If You",with an infectious chorus. Finally, there's a decent enough instrumental "See Saw" and "Voice Inside" agood track that takes us back to the earlier HS style, if the three tracks mentioned before had more to do with the sound of Rubber.

There's not too much to complain here - maybe this album is a bit short by today's standards, but it's pretty much "all killers no fillers" kind of an affair...

Review by Kimmo Toivonen
Originally posted at rockunited.com