Weight Of The World | review

Nine years since I bought a HAREM SCAREM-CD for the last time, the excellent "Mood Swings". After that Ilistened into the Canadians' CDs here and there, but I disliked the more modern and at times also poppy undertones. Until, yes, until "Weight Of The World" suddenly landed in my mailbox, which promised in itsinfo that it went back in the direction of the old classic.
Now the album rotates in my player and what should I say? I am floored, the info was right! Now imagine this, there is something in the info-sheet and it is true! That I may experience this… But I digress…

Yes, "Weight Of The World" really is the legitimate follow-up to "Mood Swings", but without being a copy,HAREM SCAREM anno 2002 just sound up-to-date, yet without using modern sounds, they are catchy, but never shallow, everything is very well thought-through, but never gets complex. Packed into a good production the seasoned song-writing duo Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance has presented us with eleven compositions, which absolutely are located in the very first division of Melodic Rock.

No matter if you take the powerful "Weight Of The World", the mostly acoustic, emotional "This Ain't Over", the very good and not showing-off guitar-artistics of "Internude" (nice pun, by the way), the not reallyromantic "You Ruined Everything" or the swifter "If You", which cover the whole spectrum of the HAREMSCAREM-sound, everything without a single doubt is premier stuff, which is elevated even more by the great guitar-work of Lesperance and the brilliant voice of Hess.

For me clearly the best album of this style in the past months (together with DREAMTIDE's debut), genre-fans of the world, give these Canadians their very well deserved chance!!!

Review by Alex
Originally posted at metal-observer.com