Weight Of The World | review

I didn't care too much for the Rubber material, and it's fair to say that the band disillusioned their fans in a case of "guys what the fuck were you thinking of scenario". But now the band return under theiroriginal Harem Scarem beloved name that made them stars in the first place, and it's not a minute too soon, from the minute you put this album on, you are greeted to a party of music that is greeted like an old lost friend you haven't seen in years. Basically "Weight Of The World" continues from where the excellent"Big Bang Theory" left off. Press releases over the last few months were stating that the band hadreturned to the sound of the first two CD's, which is something I remember Harry Hess saying in an interview that he would never for, thus the first song - the title track comes at you in leaps and bounds of musical expression, it's a blinding song, very dark sounding at the beginning with gritty heavy riffs, but once those familiar vocal chords of Harry Hess come crashing in you know your into familiar Harem Scarem territory of old and new with dashes of Extreme influences running wild, just delete the Rubber era, because this is a fantastic song. What I like about this record is that it kinda draws the line between all the wannabe bands out there, and it's here that you realise that HS are indeed a powerful force up there with the best of rocks heritage. Their sound is so identifiable that it's no wonder they set the standards for hard rock in the nineties and that the Japanese go crazy over them, it's a pity that their ex-label Warner Bros pulled the plug on the band, but good that the band finally have access to us here in Europe, so I really hope that Frontiers bring the band over for some shows as I have some live videos of the band and it's live that you really feel the presence of Harem Scarem, so fingers crossed for a Gods 2002 appearance. Next track 'Killing Me' is stunning, those vocal harmonies barely give you time to catch your breath, now this tune mixes Harem Scarem old and new so you get the best of both worlds as you do with every song on the album.

'Outside Your Window' grows with each listen and will become a favourite with fans of the debut as it has a similar vibe, I love the acoustic guitar which makes the song flow and sway like a boat rocking on a gentle sea breeze. Hell where only four songs in and I'm already hooked, check out 'All I Want', the shuffle of 'Internude' which reminds me of Extreme's 'Midnight Train', and we get to hear another fantastic instrumental called 'See Saw' which is superb as far as instrumentals go. 'You Ruined Everything' is one of my favourite tracks, it is just so infectious, the guitar work is really cool and I highly advise the label to send this tune in the radio stations. 'Charmed Life' is also fantastic with fiery guitars stamped all over it,'If You' is also another favourite, colourful and very catchy, whilst 'This Ain't Over' is smouldering ballad drenched in subtle piano melodies that would make Elton John weep. It's really hard to pick favourites because the whole CD is just chockablocked with fantastic songs, like I said earlier, "Weight Of The World" simply draws the line and proves that HaremScarem were always a class act to follow and the utterly fantastic 'Voice Inside' finishes the album off in classic HS tradition. Honest folks, treat yourself to this orgasmic album, you probably won't find a better release all year. This release is really top stuff and has plenty of quality music to offer rock fans, Harem Scarem are back, they're bad and they mean buisness, buy it, play it, love it!!

Review by Nicky
Originally posted at rockreunion.de