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Holy shit! I am still trying to gather up my pieces after this! I don't even know how I am going to make you understand the consequences of listening to this album-dynamite!! All I can say (and although the Webmaster is complaining - using a whip - about this) is that this CD has stuck in my CD-player and it won't come out!!!! For those who don't know them (their first album was released in 1991-this is their seventh studio album) the band plays hard rock-AOR with huge balls crawling on the floor, proving how qualitative such listenings can be. The songs are based on the amazing guitar harmonies and the melodic refrains with the multiple voices. What is stricking is the variety of the songs, which are full of surprises, acoustic cuts, heavy outbreaks, fancy bridges, solos-like-thunder. Of course the production is crystal-clear, modern, yet reminding something from the past.

The album leads you through green valleys to stormy seas of pain, in order to wash you ashore in a golden beach, where you will take the long way home amidst roses and fallen yellow leaves and with a wonderful sunset ahead of you. I am still standing like a fool, whispering the words of "Outside Your Window", believing that it is the best refrain of the year sofar, and being sure that the album will be among the five best releases for 2002. I know the good releases in this genre are numerous these days, but if you are going to make only one selection, then make it be Harem Scarem's "Weight Of The World" and you won't regret it.

Review by Metal Abyss
Originally posted at Metal Abyss

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What people say

"Cheers to the band and Dan for bringing The Harem back to life, it does us justice. The shirt is great quality, nice detail, the photo will look great on a wall and the backstage pass, I stare in awe."
Kate Learn