Live At The Gods 2002 | review

Although Harem Scarem have released several live albums in Japan, this is the first one I've heard. They are one of my favourite bands, and this CD proves that they can cut it live pretty well too. I am not a big fan of live albums, and to be honest, I don't know how often I'll take this CD off the shelf and play it now that it has gotten some serious spinning from me because of the review, even though it isn't too bad. It does have a fine selection of songs covering the band's history from the first self-titled album to this year's "Weight Of The World". They've even managed to include the only song I really liked from "Voice Of Reason" - "Warming A Frozen Rose".

As energetic as these live versions are, they are also a bit more stripped down than the studio versions, which means that there are no keyboards and the harmony vocals HS are known for are a bit rough around the edges. The same goes for Harry Hess' lead vocals. To sum it up, what you'll get here is a "Best Of Harem Scarem" with a raw sound.

Frontiers are also going to release a DVD of the gig, which would be closer to a live experience, as you'd also get to see the band on stage. Personally, that would be the more interesting one of these releases. The fans will of couse purchase these both, but for someone getting into the band, I guess the DVD might be worthy. Still, you can't really go wrong with this CD either - they do have the songs to rock your socks off!

Review by Kimmo Toivonen
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