Just Another Day | review

Here is a little scoop - Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess has made a solo release covering the more contemporary melodic side of his prior career. Harem scarem has always been hard to categorize - from Hair metal in the early days over melodic rock and progressive rock and their more mellow side in the side project Rubber.
With this release Mr. Hess intends to go back to the certain sounds and atmospheres leaning more toward the melodic rock and pop, avoiding the heavier guitar approach typical for the last Harem Scarem release and with more in common with traditional pop/rock singer/songwriter - sometimes almost Beatle-esque.

As a special little feature he has re-recorded "Sentimental Blvd." - a classic from the "Mood Swings" albumfrom 1993. Some of the musicians on the album include Eric Martin, Pete Lesperance, Darren Smith, Mike Turner, Creighton Doane and Ray Coburn from Honeymoon Suite. A fine little solo piece - with a lot of feeling-good-songs, all with the significant hoarse Canadian voice and his production is as crystal clear, too!

Review by Steen Peitersen
Originally posted at peitersen.com