The Early Years | review

When Harem Scarem was informed that their original 10 track demo CD was put to sale for 995 U.S. dollar on a website it prompted them to officially release these tracks. The original tapes was a limited run of some 50-100 copies - but now we all can listen to the tracks in a remastered version - an the band has added some bonus material, too like "End of Time" which is the first European release of the Japanese bonus track which was featured on the last studio CD "Weight of the World".
Like I mentioned earlier these tracks was originally used getting the record deal with Warner Bros. back in 1989. The tracks is (of course) unpolished as they are demo versions both in expression and in production.

There are some fun fan stuff here and I particulrly enjoyed this first edition of "Whatever I want" - which I first met with Fiore a couple of years ago.
I think it is good fun listen to these outtakes - even if the sound and the mood in general seems a little dated - it is not that far from putting on the first Boston record (on vinyl) on your stereo - the memories are great! And here you can sense the historic feeling that later caused albums like "Mood Swings" and "Voice of Reason".

Review by Steen Peitersen
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