The Early Years | review

In case you haven't figure it out yet "The Early Years" is a collection of the band's... early years(...). To be more precise here we have ten songs written back in 1989. They were released in a 50-100 copies demo for companies. Vocalist Harry Hess discovered recently that those copies are now sold for almost 1000 US dollars (hehe) decided to officially release these demo recordings.
In case you haven't download all these demo songs through Napster or something like that this CD is a good buy if you are a fan of the band, of course! The songs are digitally remastered so the quality of the material is of course quite superior compared to the original tracks (after all we are talking about a demo).

The demo songs are very close to what the band released the first years of their existence. Melodic rock that sometimes becomes quite friendly to... pop music. The "really light" material didn't mean anything to me, but the more groovy rhythmical parts are definitely interesting. The CD also includes two bonus tracks, one of them "End Of Time" was a bonus track for the Japanese version of the band's last studio effort "Weight Of The World".
Once again this CD targets mostly the dedicated fans of the band. As for the rest I suggest you to search and listen first great album such as "Mood Swings".

Review by Michael Dalakos
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