Overload | review

Yes, they have a bit of a modern rock sound... so what? This is one of those rare bands that just get it. The style may change, the sound may change, but the consistent thing is always the writing. They just write good songs. And I mean all of them. This is a solid cd. Any one of these songs could be a single. What I like most about this cd though is the attention to detail. Great song structure, good album pacing and remember guitar solos? Wow. There are a lot of bands that write catchy little songs, but when a band with a really good guitarist plays music like this, you can hear the difference.

Pete knows when to keep it simple and when it needs a little something extra. Every note he plays (and every one he doesn't) makes the song better. And the vocals... the melodies, the harmonies, the passion in his voice... Harry is just awesome. No, they are never going to do Mood Swings again... but that's okay. Listen to what it is instead of what it isn't, and I promise you're going to like it.
Rating: 8.5

Review by Scott
Originally posted at RatHole.com