Higher | review

Harem Scarem are back with a new CD, and what a CD it is in the end. This is by far their best outing since Mood Swings. It seems the band is firing on all cylinders and producing a stellar AOR album. There is not a stinker on here, not one. While only 10 tracks, when they are this good, the listener is satisfied. This stuff is catchy after the first listen, with choruses that you sing the second time in the song. The melodic masterpieces sound familiar yet new. Higher rivals such AOR classics as After the Rain by Nelson, for instant accessibility. I would even be willing to go out on a limb and say this CD is better than Mood Swings.

There are no stinkers on here like the abysmal 'No Justice'. Harem Scarem have firmly laid down the gauntlet as the premier AOR act at the moment. Can anyone else rise to the challenge? There is only one word for this CD: essential.
Rating: 5

Review by Marty Dodge
Originally posted at blogcritics.org