Overload | review

Harem Scarem is one of thoose bands that never release a record similar to their previous. Every record is unique, this is no exception.
The guys became a BIG name in the business with the great Weight Of The World, released in 2002. Before that the guys had a break, at least using the name Harem Scarem, for 4 years. This is their 3rd record in 4 years, productive guys to say the least!
For me the best record so far from the guys are the superb Mood Swings, released back in 1993, the debute, titled Harem Scarem, isn't far behind. This record fight for the 3rd place with Weight Of The World.

"Dagger" opens the record with heavy guitars, not one of the better songs though. "Afterglow" is the second song, a classic Harem Scarem-song with a "poppier" start and a superb chorus, one of the 3 best songs on the record. "Rise And Fall" and "Don't Come Easy" are next in line, 2 "darker" songs which pretty much sums up this darker more aggressive record, great guitars from Pete Lesperance. "Can't Live With You" are a superb song, top 3 on the record.

This is a powerful ballad with acoustic guitars in the verse, great songwriting and a amazing chorus! "Forgive & Forget" opens with a great guitar-rif and have a big bombastic chorus. The next ballad "All You're Getting" is also great a superb song, also on top 3. "Leading Me On", "Understand You", "Same Mistakes" and "Wishing" (bonus track for europe) are also good song but lacks the quality of above mentioned.
If the last 4 songs were as good as the first 7, this would've been a contender for the "album of year"-award. I'm glad that there's bands nowadays who keep releasing records with so high quality, Harem Scarem is pure class!

If You like Harem Scarem's last records, this is the one for You. All records from the group is worth buying!

Review by Johan "AORSweden" Nilsson
Originally posted at aormusic.com