Overload | review

The follow up to their critically acclaimed 'Higher' album turned out more moody, mid-to-slow-tempo-oriented hard rock record. 'Overload' album clocks in at around 40 minutes like its predecessor, and I think this is the ideal running time to make a quality music sound tighter and compacter.
Compared to the very catchy and poppy power pop style on the previous CD, the music on this album sounds definitely darker and heavier. It is still guitar-driven melodic rock with a lot of emotional vocals, trademark melody lines, clear choruses and harmonies, but it's not sounding "warm" or "sunny", it has a more "cloudy" feel.

Good thing about HAREM SCAREM is that they always push themselves to broaden their musical horizons providing versatility and flexibility to the songwriting, but the problem is they do it so suddenly without even showing a sign of change that the fans get often embarrassed. The band used Baritone guitars to the recording this time and it adds a deeper rich tone to their music, but I'm not sure this works well to make this CD more accessible to listeners.
This IS definitely a quality album with typical HAREM SCAREM fingerprints here and there, but those who expected the same or similar power pop style here should check out samples before buying.

Review by Masa
Originally posted at 21stcenturymetal.net