Overload | review

"For our tenth studio record", says Harry Hess, "we've done a great job of pushing ourselves to do something different once again. True fans of Harem Scarem will appreciate the time and energy that went into this record to give them something special. When you listen to this recording I think you'll agree that in 2005 we've bridged the gap between past and present. I'm very proud of this one!"
The gap Hess is referring to must be the one between classic and modern Harem Scarem. For the first time baritone guitars were used in a lot of songs, giving the material a sort of different flavour. At times Lesperance's guitar sounds really heavy and Hess couldn't stay behind of course. "I really sang a lot of these songs at the top of my range", is his comment and believe me, you can hear it. Anyway, the result is an album that won't disappoint the 'old' fans. Bearing in mind that the new songs sound a little more contemporary this time, it's even possible they will tap a new (and younger) audience as well.

But the old fans don't need to worry as all the elements of classic Harem Scarem, such as fine melodies and tons of huge harmony vocals, are still here.
In other words, "Overload" is another fine HS album, but for Hess and his mates the time is now ripe to consider taking a break. Otherwise, 'overload' could become overkill, and that's fatal for any band...

Review by CL
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