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I magine a more rockier "Rubber" and you'll get Harem Scarem guitarist Pete Lesperance first solo album "Down in it", we already knew that he is a brilliant axeman but now we also get to find out his singing skills.
He has done a very good powerpop album not far from his bandmate Harry Hess solo album that was released in 2003,but Pete's album is better..... a whole lot better I must add.
The Rubber period of Harem Scarem wasn't all that funny,they had some moments but I am more satisfied with their classic HS style like on the two latest releases "Weight of the world" and "Higher".
So it is with lots of joy I can announce that Pete has recorded the Rubber album that should've been done instead of the ones they did,with songs like "Scars", "Say you will" and "No sign of life" we have proof enough of that Pete can stand on his own without Hess.

Only the title track "Down in it" echoes out some Harem Scarem vibes but except that tune, Pete does his ownthing and shows what a great singer he is on this fine album.
The 2nd track "Automatic" feels a little too much like a syrup popsong but is the only track I could do without, the album is only out in Japan now but if you do get it from there you'll get 1 bonus trackin "Trouble with pets".
A good album and a must for all Harem Scarem fans.

Review by Kaj
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