Pilot Error     February 05, 2010

Creighton Doane (affectionately known to fans as "Where's Darren?") releases PILOT ERROR.
This is Doane's third solo release. The seven song EP reflects Doane's schizophrenic taste in music. Soundtrack meets pop, says hello to rock then becomes disoriented and exits abruptly, subsequently ruining the entire evening for everyone. This collection of songs is the playlist of a confused man-child suffering from delusions of grandeur, drowning in a sea of dated cliches while knitting a piano key scarf.
Creighton spends his days in the studio working with a variety of artists as a producer, musician and writer.
"I'm constantly working with other artists or writing for specific projects. Every so often I need to make some music for purely selfish reasons to tell my stories, my way.
Why an EP? I wanted to get something out and waiting to have a full album seemed like it might take a long time. This music is where I am right now, and releasing fewer tracks means I can release new material more often. This is a good thing for me, and hopefully anyone else who likes what I do."

The EP is available now at itunes as well as many other online music stores. Visit www.creightondoane.com for updates, detailed store information, iphone ringtones and more.