Site news & updates     July 24, 2008

Dear Scaremites,
I think you all have the last Scarem album already and I hope you like it as I do! Great stuff, eh?
As you can see, the site has changed a bit, some sections we're removed, some slightly updated. The site transition will continue in the next few weeks and I thought I should explain the steps I did and I plan to do.
First off, I closed the online store. The reason is simple and somewhat sad at the same time: I started to lose money... Since all the merchandise was manufactured in the Czech Republic (where I live) and Czech Koruna is stronger every day, I couldn't offer the stuff and shipping for a reasonable price anymore. I also had too much headaches with lost packages last few months, but that's a completely different story. Anyway, every order I received to this moment was processed and the stuff has been sent.
Second, I don't accept new fan club registrations. Partly for the same reason I closed the store, partly because I'm not sure about the direction it will go in the future. Since the band isn't active anymore it's very difficult to make any promises. Sure, the GOLD downloads will continue as long as there's anything I can offer! Yeah, never say never, maybe I will be accepting more registrations in the future, but not at this moment and I'm sure not this year. I'm sorry!
The forum is temporarily offline as well. I moved the whole site to a new server and it's somewhat complicated to put the whole thing back online. But I'm working on it and will do my best to have the site back asap.
And last but not least, I'm already working on a new site look. Should be up soon as well.
That's all for now and I hope I cleared things up a bit. Stay tuned for more!
Dan (the webmaster)
PS: new GOLD download will be available next week, when the site move is finished. Still remains a lot of work to do ;)