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Honestly (Demo lyric)  (Demo)

I could never believe it
But I think you read my mind
The emptiness has finally arrived
I stand before you accused of many crimes
If you wanna know my reasons look inside

How was I to know right from wrong
Words were hardly spoken
So where did I go wrong

Tell me honestly
If you're still living me
Looking into my eyes

Words have more meaning
If there said at certain times
The love is in I've finally arrived
I will be going I'll be back for you some time
If everything will work out you'll be mine

Will I be lost forever
Or some day I may find
A world that I've been searching for
Or just some piece of mind

All the nights I sit and wonder
There must be more to life I'm sure that
Day and years go by while I am
Waiting for this lonely feeling

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Honestly (Demo lyric) (Demo)
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Honestly (Demo lyric) (Demo)
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Honestly (Demo lyric) (Demo)