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One Of Life's Mysteries

You've been my enigma
I've been trying to understand
Maybe there's a mystic force unraveling a plan
We're two roads
Winding in the dark

From the mazes to the riddles
Just to take you round the bend
Life's too short to figure out
For now you'll just pretend
But you know
You're right back to the start

If love is a healer
Then I'm living wounded
In a world i don't understand

You're one of life's mysteries
A wall of secrecy
Maybe I was never meant to know
You're one of life's mysteries
That I can't seem to solve yet
You're one of life's mysteries

Love resides between the lines
Can't measure touch or see
It's all so cloak and dagger
In the search for chemistry
A true unknown
A missing puzzle piece

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Discography: United - CD album
CD album
One Of Life's Mysteries (Album version)