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Staying Away

Well I've been abused I'm alone
I've seen hell like you've never known
You know I'm living in fear
Of falling into love

Your thinking days it's been years
That's how long I've been crying these tears but no more

All the many nights I wanted
You to be with me
Now all I remember is that you said you'd never leave

I've opened my eyes I'm ready to see
Everything that's ahead of me
You know I'm staying away from this feeling you call love

I'm confused I don't know where can I turn or where can I go
You know I'm trying to keep myself from losing you

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This track is available on:

Discography: Believe - CD album
CD album
Staying Away (Album version)
Discography: Believe (Special Edition) - CD album
CD album
Staying Away (Album version)
Discography: The Early Years - CD demo compilation
CD demo compilation
Staying Away (Demo)
Discography: The Best Of - CD compilation
CD compilation
Staying Away (Re-mix)
Discography: The Early Years - Promo album
Promo album
Staying Away (Demo)
Discography: Live At The Siren - Live CD album
Live CD album
Staying Away (Live)
Discography: First Demo - Tape/CD
Staying Away (Demo)
Discography: You Want It All - Bootleg
Staying Away (Demo)
Discography: Believe Me - Bootleg
Staying Away (Live)

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