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What are you trying to do?
No one cares if they make an example of you
You said you'd never give in
You are such a fool

You feel an awful guilt
When you're tempted to give the game a tilt
You wish you had made a better deal
Cause it's easier to steal

Don't let the losers get you down
You can turn it all around
Don't let the losers waste your life
Don't let what's wrong become all right
Don't let the losers get you down

Who are you trying to be
Did you think that you'd be going free
Oh you are so naive
Have you really got nothing up your sleeve

Is there a reason why
The good ones always seem to die
It makes me feel afraid
When the band strikes up for the big parade

Don't let the losers suck you in
You wouldn't know where to begin
Don't let the losers change you're mind
You can be one of a kind
Don't let the losers get you down

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Discography: Learning More & More... - Creighton Doane
Creighton Doane
Losers (Album version)